Kent with Grandmaster Pak
Karate Cert

Head Instructor Kenneth 'Kent' McKinney II, born and raised in Jacksonville,Fl with over 15 years of experience in Martial Arts. I was trained by a group of decorated Master instructors with over 30+ years of instruction. Master Don Justice, Master Mike Hurst and Master Ronnie Fergeson taught me the discipline that instill to my students. My strengths include developing, and implementing exercise regimens that target specific categories such as: specific refining for strength and conditioning, cross-training, mixed martial arts and self-defense. All programs are for youth and adults of all ages. I am a certified 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do/Taekwondo with 10+ years of dedicated instruction. I also posses a Computer Information Systems Degree from Edward Waters College and have been employed teaching in Duval/St. Johns County Schools for over 13 years. Proud father of 3 growing and amazingly motivating kids, Kenneth 'KG', Olivia Sky and Sua.